4 Things You Should Do Before You Start A Marketing Campaign

So the very first thing that you should do is to assess your past performance. Have a look at all of the marketing campaigns you've done and understand what worked, what didn't and where will you get the best return on investment this time?  

The second thing to do is to conduct some customer research.

 We all know that customer preferences change... Right?!All of the time and that can be due to our environment or new products coming onto the market. So it's really important to understand and to ask them directly, how do they consume data and what's going to increase their demand to buy your product. 

The third thing you need to do is to have an intimate understanding of your numbers and what by that. How many leads, how many engagements do you need to make to get that magic sales number that you're chasing with your, with your marketing campaign? So know your numbers in to know your numbers out. And the very last thing that you should do before you start a marketing campaign is to revisit your brand strategy.

If you don't have a brand strategy, then you should do one of those first but revisit your brand strategy and it will remind you, what are your messaging pillars? What's your brand act type of personality and what is it that your brand stands for? And you've got to make sure that your marketing reflects all of the above and you will have a much, much more effective marketing campaign.

If you do all of these four things, good luck with your marketing. 


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