Building Your Virtual A-Team

Whether you are brand new in the game or running your business like a well-oiled machine we're all on a never-ending search for "the secret". These are the time-saving, growth-enabling tools, techniques and trends that help our business to skyrocket. If there was a single, fool-proof secret to business success we'd all be sipping cocktails in the  

Whitsundays right now! As is the nature of secrets, though, they aren't widely publicised which is why I am often asked "What is your number one tip for Small Business owners in 2020?".

With a question like that your mind starts swimming with possibilities. Catchphrases like "…progress before perfection" and "…if you fail to plan you plan to fail" rush to take the limelight but in times like these the secret to Small Business success is simple; build a dynamite A-Team.

It goes without saying that one of the fundamental ingredients of becoming an entrepreneur is that 'get up and go' to get stuff done. Most successful Small Business owners have the belief that no wall is too high and no task too steep to conquer. Hear, hear great entrepreneurs! Having energy and determination to make your venture a raging success doesn't mean, though, that you have to take on every single facet of the business or work a 19 hour day. Aside from the incredible passion you have for your trade, wasn't one of the reasons you started your business to have flexible hours and achieve that illustrious work/life balance?

One of the other motivating factors, no doubt, is the desire to be number one in your field. It is impossible to achieve these things alone which is where your dynamite A-Team becomes a crucial component to your business growth (and sanity!). So what exactly does that mean to the Sole Trader or small team that comprise your business?

It means building a virtual team. These are people and businesses who offer complimentary services to your own who you can collaborate with and refer reciprocal business to. Let's play with a few examples;

  • An Accountant may look to have Financial Advisors, Lawyers and Mortgage Brokers in their A-Team.
  • A Business Coach? Think Branding specialists, Marketers and Project Managers.
  • Your local Builder even has a virtual team that consists of an Architect, Plumber, Bricklayer, Gas Fitter, Painter, Tiler (the list is endless!).

As Business Consultants, LVL Up utilises the exceptional skills of a Copywriter, Virtual Assistant, Event Planner, Videographer, Digital Marketing specialists, Graphic Designers, Wealth Advisor and Social Media expert in our client work and to grow our own business.

Outsourcing components of your work to a team of trusted advisors provides exponential benefits to you and your business, such as;

  1. Time back in your week to focus on the high-value, income earning activities you're passionate about (for us its Strategic Planning).
  2. The ability to deliver work to your clients that is of a high quality because it is the output of a team of experts.
  3. New sales channels through referrals and word-of-mouth by your A-Team colleagues.

Building a dynamite A-Team is a strategy that will be paying dividends for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and build your team!


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