Business Health Check - #3 People & Culture

Welcome to part three of our Next LVL Business Tip on how to do your own business health check. Today we're going to talk all about people and culture, the engine room of our business. 

So when we're doing a health check on our people and our culture category of our business, the kind of questions we ask first and foremost, is everybody clear on their role and responsibility.

9 times out of 10 people say I've made a little bit unclear.

So it's really great to ask the question following up from that, we ask people, what's your capacity?

Are you operating at your optimal productivity? And that absolutely does not mean going above your capacity. And it's a great question to ask the business owner or the manager, because they're very often overworked stressed. And if they're operating over capacity, it might be time to bring in another team.

The next thing we look at are the structures in your organization. Do you have a system? Do you have your weekly meetings and a great cadence that makes everybody on the same page and operating at that optimal capacity?

Of course, we then look at the meeting structures. So do you meet one-on-one with people? Do you have team meetings and then also what goes hand in hand with that? Is your communication. Do you send email communications? Do you prefer to call people on the phone? How do people communicate in your organization?

The next thing we look at in this category, what are the norms that are that make up the culture in your organization? Do you celebrate certain things like birthdays or people getting sales, or is that something that's maybe missing in your company? And people need a little bit of excitement, a bit of happiness in their day.

And the last thing that we look at is the strength of your team. So what do I mean, I mean, are you developing your people?

Relieve some of that stress, relieve some of that capacity so that you can go on a wonderful holiday and maybe they can get promoted down the track as your business grows and pivots and expands.

So in the health check, we'll have a look at that.

So that's people in culture. It's definitely not a category that should be glossed over. Your people are very, very important to your organization and with the right team, you can do fantastic things.

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