Business Health Check - #4 Sales & Marketing

  Welcome to part four of our Next LVL Business Tip on how to do your own business health check. Today we're going to talk all about sales and marketing!

In our Business Health Check part 3 we talked about the customer experience but of course you can't deliver a brilliant customer experience

  if you don't have any customers. So that is why it's very important that you have some focus on sales and marketing.

When we're doing the health check, the kind of things that we look for is:

How did your marketing plan go for the last six months?

Did you have one?

What worked and what didn't work?

How do you do more of that in the next six months?

We then look at your branding. Do you have a distinct brand personality? (and I'm not talking about your logo) I'm talking about your copy, your colors, your vibe! Is every little piece of marketing that you deliver lining up to that master brand vibe? If you don't have one it's time to get a brand strategy.

The third thing that we look at is your sales strategy so you can have great marketing and great branding. But if you don't have a sales strategy in a sales pipeline that you're working through then it's very, very hard to get any.

And last but not least, we put the binoculars on to your target market. We've all heard about having your niche and having your target market. But who do you love working with? Who loves working with you and how do you do more of that and put that into your sales and marketing plans.

So there's lots of things you can look at in sales and marketing, but they're the big four that we look at when we do a business health check. Hopefully you found this series really helpful and you're able to do a business health check on your business.

If you're ready to tackle 2021 (or Q1/Q2 of Financial Year 2022) then book a Strategic Planning session with the team at LVL UP Consulting today. 


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