How To Check The Health Of Your Business

Today's Next LVL tip is all around how you can check the health of your business. It's now February which means we're roughly six weeks or two thirds into quarter one of 2021,  or have to have FYI 21, if you use financial year calendar. By this point the holidays are behind us, we've got our new starters, onboarded. We should really know our s...
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How to Communicate Change

  Today's Next LVL Business Tip is all about how to communicate change to your employees or to your customers. We've had a lot of people ask us about the most effective ways to implement change and change management in organisations. There's a lot of change happening and change is complex and change is constant. So if you can at least put the ...
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How To Set Your Project Up For Success

So you've been handed a project and initiative, a really important piece of work for your company. You might be sitting there going, Okay, now what do I do? There are four things that you should do pretty much straight away, which will set you up for success.  #1 Define Project Scope The first thing that you should do is define the scope of th...
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How to Prepare for End of Financial Year

Today's Next LVL Business Tip is all around how to prepare for end of financial year. There are a few ways that you can prepare for end of financial year. Here are 5 ways to ensure you are prepared for end of financial year:  #1 Know Your Numbers - The very first thing you should do is to know your numbers. Even if you've got a bookkeeper and ...
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How To Successfully Apply For A Business Grant

Today's Next LVL Business Tip is how to successfully apply for a business grant. Now, this is a very topical tip subject because there are lots of these going around at the moment. Whether it be from federal government, state government, local councils, or even industry groups.  There's a lot of focus at the moment of helping businesses bounce...
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Business Health Check - #1 Strategy & Planning

 Today's Next LVL Business Tip is the first in a series of six we are doing on the business health check categories. The first category in the Business Health Check we will start with is strategy and planning. You need to think of your strategy as your vision or your goals. To put it in a metaphor, your destination of where you want to go with...
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Business Health Check - #2 Cashflow & Financial

Today's Next LVL Business Tip is part two of our Business Health Check series. And it's all about cashflow and financial. So if you heard those terms and you shrieked a little bit, or you thought I don't do numbers or I outsource that to my accountant. Then this tip is for you because it doesn't matter what level you are in business or how big your...
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How to optimise your time in lockdown

  These snap lockdowns they're widespread at the moment and they really shaking up the status quo. But when the status quo is shaken up is actually a fantastic time for innovation and growth in your business. So here are my top tips for how you can optimize your time while you are in lockdown: 1. Take some time to check in with your staff and ...
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