Email Etiquette

Today's tip is all about email etiquette.

So when should you send an email versus picking up the phone, having a meeting or meeting someone face-to-face? 

Email is an excellent communication medium, if you need to send something very important in writing. For example, you may have a great idea you want to tell your boss about, or you're sending some work, like a quote, or an invoice. These are all things that are great in an email.

Where you should probably have a face-to-face conversation is where the content is quite sensitive or confidential. You don't want the email being accidentally forwarded onto someone else.

So what should you put in the email. First and foremost, let's look at the subject line. It should be incredibly clear. From the subject line alone the read should know what exactly your email is about.

Better yet, the first two words of your subject line should include some sort of action. For example, you may say for review or for response or for feedback. If you're sending something to someone that you'd like them to get back to you with.

Now, it's all about the content. It should be as clear and succinct as possible. We're all very time poor. And if you get lots of emails each day then you need to make sure it's clear and succinct in as few words as possible,

The last thing you need to do at the very end of your answer emails is to have a very clear call to action. What do you want the reader to do? Do you want them to send you feedback? If so, by when? Do you want to set up a meeting? Are you asking them to see what their availability is? Be very clear in the last line, before you sign off your email, what exactly you want that person to do in response.

Make sure you're sending your email to people who really need to see it. Don't CC in the world. Don't CC in the whole department. Only CC those in if it's necessary. Make sure you're sending it to people who either need to know or people who would get value from your email.

Also the universal rule that we've all talked about many times is don't reply all to a group email if you don't have to. Just to send a response to the author of the email.

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