How to Communicate Change

  Today's Next LVL Business Tip is all about how to communicate change to your employees or to your customers. We've had a lot of people ask us about the most effective ways to implement change and change management in organisations. There's a lot of change happening and change is complex and change is constant.

So if you can at least put the right foot forward in implementing change, then you're more likely to get the outcome that you're looking for.

Here are our four tips on how you can effectively communicate change.

Tip #1

Be clear and honest. No jargon, no spin. Just say what you need to say so that everyone is on the same page.

Tip #2

Show empathy and really consider the impact of the change before you announce it. Change affects everybody in different ways. So really be considerate of how perhaps different employees will accept the change.

Tip #3

When you were announcing change be sure to address the WIIFN or what's in it for me for the person. Whether they're employee or customer, and really hone in on that. So why is this a good thing? What are the benefits?

Tip #4

One of the most important, and that is to share the next steps and give people an opportunity to give you some feedback.

Bonus Tip!

If people do reach out and they do want to talk about the change and they do want to give feedback, make sure you're actively listening and that you do take that feedback on board. Then make sure you cascade it to the management team or to the boss, whoever that may be.

Hopefully it's a nice, smooth transition for you and your customers.

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