How to optimise your time in lockdown

  These snap lockdowns they're widespread at the moment and they really shaking up the status quo. But when the status quo is shaken up is actually a fantastic time for innovation and growth in your business.

So here are my top tips for how you can optimize your time while you are in lockdown:

1. Take some time to check in with your staff and also with your customers, try and understand what's working for them and what isn't, and where you can make some tweaks.

2. Check in on your numbers. It's a great time of year to have a look at your end-of-financial year results from last year. Do a cash flow forecast or a budget to really understand where you can invest and where you should direct your strategy in the year ahead.

3. Health check on your business! So if you're not doing your usual business activities NOW is a really great time to do a health check on your business. When you're doing a health check, look at things like your staff, the customer experience, your sales and marketing, your systems, your numbers, all of the above. So take the time out to do a Health Check.

4. Carve out some time to build your strategy, even if it's for the next six months. Of course, there is some uncertainty but now's a really great time. To sit down, have that focus, do some research and have a fantastic strategy for the month ahead and maybe pivot and be bigger and better!

If you're ready to tackle 2021 (or Q1/Q2 of Financial Year 2022) then book a Strategic Planning session with the team at LVL UP Consulting today. 


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How to optimise your time in lockdown 

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