Simple Ways To Boost SEO

In this weeks Next LVL Business Tip we are looking into Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These are the tactics that you employ on your website to help you land in that elusive spot on page one on Google. 

Not only just on page one, but you should actually be striving to land in spots, one to five, of page one. Search results that land in spots one to five, get approximately 67% more click through from people who are searching for your product or service.

So how do you get to that elusive spot in a Google Search?

It does take some time and you need to be consistent. It requires ongoing focus. If you haven't already, you need to start working on your SEO today and keep doing so every week. We will give you some areas that you should focus on to ensure that getting to that number one spot on Google.


You need to do is to identify the keywords that best describe your product or service. You want your keywords to be unique and quite narrow. If you go too broad, for example, Accountants in Australia, you are going to be competing against every other accounting firm in Australia. To get your keywords unique and narrow it is best to focus on where you operate or focusing on a service that you specialize in.

Website Content

You need your keywords to weave throughout your website and not just once. It's important to understand that when Google is searching through websites, they actually look at every page separately. So your keywords should feature on every single page.

Page Length

Your home page should have approximately 700 words or more and it should have your keywords mentioned multiple times. This will help boost the algorithm for Google. Similarly, every other page should have 400 to 600 words.

Alternative Content

You should be producing content regularly that uses those key words. You can do that, by uploading blog posts, add videos and ensure that your website is up to date. This alternative content should be added to your website to encourage Google to allow them to appear in more search results.

Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

By adding a privacy policy and terms and conditions on your webpage, it will boost your SEO rating. You may not require these or have enough detailed information for a whole page. You can simply put a link in the footer of your website and it links through to a basic terms and conditions of working with your business. Google recognizes

Back Linking

Having your URL feature on other people's websites is a great way to boost your SEO. You could have your blog posts featured on another company's website. You could also be featured as a partner on other customers websites.

There are a couple of quick tips that you can do to boost your SEO. But remember that you have to be consistent and you have to focus on it. Over time you'll get closer and closer to that illustrious page one position.

If you're ready to tackle 2021 (or Q3/Q4 of Financial Year 2021) with gusto then book a Strategic Planning session with the team at LVL UP Consulting today. 


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