What I Learnt in Business 12th April - From Melbourne!

Coming to you this week from my old hometown of Melbourne. And it has put a spring in my step to be back here in Melbourne and I can't wait to go out there and get a good coffee. Instead of sharing what I learnt in business last week, I thought I'd do something a little bit different and I will share with you what I learnt at a mindfulness workshop that I did two weekends ago. So this has completely rejuvenated my, my mindset and my energy at work. And I definitely went into the workshop, extremely sceptical, thinking I have a very busy mind and mindfulness, stopping and doing nothing is not how I function.

So my very wise husband got me the workshop as a gift and it truly was a gift to be able to spend an entire day just recharging and thinking of nothing more, but actually just nothing. What makes me happy? So there are some things that I learnt that I thought could be useful for you as well.

The very first thing I learnt at the workshop was there are different kinds of mindfulness, so it's not just sitting and meditating for half an hour. That's the kind of mindfulness that I just can't subscribe to. But there are totally different ways of doing it.

There's mindfulness through movement. So going for a walk or doing something like yoga, or even like a Tai Chi can be really reenergizing. There's also, you remember that craze of mindfulness with drawing or just stopping and being single focused on one thing. And it might be why sometimes those really trashy, dramas and sitcoms are what relaxes me. So being single-focused on one thing for a period of time, whether it's 10 minutes or half an hour is, is mindfulness. Oh and have you heard of mindful eating. I shouldn't forget that because that was my favourite part of the day. 

Also I learned about mindfulness science because I do love hearing about the science. It is all about the parts in our brain and that our emotional part of our brain can sometimes take over that reptilian part at the back. Which is the part of our brain that keeps us breathing, drinking, seeing and all of those normal things. But we're also so busy these days that we let that emotional part and those frontal lobes control what we're doing.

So mindfulness just allows us to reset, relax and let that reptilian brain of ours do what it has to do. So I really recommend looking into mindfulness, even if it's mindful eating. Go for a walk, do something. That's just going to be time for you, time to clear your mind.

And I can tell you, it has turned around my month, so April is looking much better.

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