What I Learnt in Business 5th April - Intensity

Hi, everybody. Jasmine here from LVL Up Consulting with this week's edition of What I Learnt in Business Last Week. Well, I'm glad I'm sitting down today because I was very hopeful, that this week would be less intense than the previous three weeks that I've had. But alas that was not to be, it turns out.

That this month was just massive. And I'm personally feeling pretty exhausted about it, to be honest, it's it's been lots of things happening, lots of curve balls that we didn't plan for and having to really jump on things reactively, which can be quite tiresome after awhile. Particularly when it's happening on multiple fronts.

So yeah, I'm, I'm feeling tired and that is what happened and what I've experienced this week. But of course there are always lessons, you know, mine for the gold and find some things. So what I, what I have learnt there were some good things.

The first thing though, when you, when you are in that state of intensity and feeling overwhelmed, like, like I have a little bit this week, take a step back and put the biggest fires out first and really prioritize what you need to do.

So I'm sure you will have a day job, and also having to put out fires, figure out what's your priority. Get clear level set and go forth and conquer and have your to-do list. And if new things come in, just review that priority list and go again.

That was lesson number one, lesson number two, I think I may have mentioned in last week's video that I was flying interstate, which is such a treat it's been a while. But I did get to fly interstate, I went to Sydney, which is a wonderful city and I got to meet people that I have been speaking with on email and even, you know, virtually on zoom for months now. And you've heard me say once, you'll hear me say it again, something magic unlocks when you are with people face-to-face I cannot stress that enough. So if you're given the opportunity, catch up with people in real life, if you can, and it's safe go into their environment, go into their world because not only will it help you you'll understand a lot more about them and what motivates them. But they'll also build that connection with you. And I'm sure be a raving fan of you. So that was the second awesome thing that happened this week.

And then just the last learning is to, as much as things are busy, even when they're not busy take care of yourself. And you don't even, you don't even you know, have to be in a state of overwhelm for that. Take care of yourself, treat yourself. I'm personally going to be going to a yoga retreat on the Gold Coast this weekend, which is absolutely what the doctor ordered after the intense month that I had. So that'll be me resetting doing some mindfulness, doing some exercise, ready for the week ahead because I am back on a plane again on Monday.

So that is What I Learnt in Business Last Week. Let me know if you have any tips for recharging and having a great month ahead. I'll see you next time. 

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