What I Learnt In Business Last Week - 10th May - Rain, Rain go away!

Hi, everybody, Jasmine here from LVL Up Consulting with this week's edition of what I learnt in business last week. The first thing I learned in business last week is something that I observed and it's about your legacy. 

So how do you know whether you've made an impact in an organization? And sometimes you don't actually know until you're leaving. It was a little bit like the old analogy that we've all heard before, writing your eulogy - a little bit dark for early in the week. But if you sit down and do that exercise and thinki what do you hope people are saying about you as you are departing?And in this context, I do mean in an organization, are you living to those those values and those expectations today, while you're still in the job. So I've been fortunate to watch someone who I absolutely admire in a fantastic organization transition out. In fact this is his last week and to watch his direct reports reaction to his departure has been really humbling to see. I do truly hope that one day my team will feel the exact same way about me. So we don't know these kinds of things until these big moments but maybe ask, maybe get some 360 degree feedback from your team to see if there are things that you can improve to enrich their careers and their personal lives as well. Be conscious of your legacy. And are you living up to how you hope to be as a manager?

The second thing I learnt in business last week was about hiring people and onboarding them. So we do have another new team member here at LVL Up, which is very exciting. And this time when I was hiring, I was very conscious of the culture and the right fit for our team. Experience is key, but if someone has the right attitude, the right willingness to learn, has a growth mindset, I genuinely believe you can mould them into being a really strong team member. 

So that team member starts this week. I'm very excited to have our new team member joining us but really keen to see the difference between hiring for performance versus hiring for culture. And what does that do for the team? Do we have that high energy maintained? What happens next? So I'll keep you posted on that. I have hired for culture this time and I'm really looking forward to it. 

So they are my lessons. I hope to see you next week. Have a good one. 
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