What I Learnt in Business - 29th March - High Intensity Week

So, last week was the third week in a row where I personally experienced high intensity workload. And this happens in business, or in any sort of work that you're doing, you have peak periods where things are kind of crazy and then it settles down and you get back into a rhythm again.

But last week was the third week in a row of high intensity work. And what I learnt or what I was reminding myself is that this too shall pass these periods aren't forever. And if they are, you need an exit strategy. But for me, it was really grounding to realize that these moments do pass and to control the controllable. Which for me meant keeping a smile on my face, keeping positive and having an action plan to work through. So hopefully that is the last high intensity week for this month.

The second thing I learnt was just the importance of prepare, prepare, prepare. If you do have a go live or something really important happening with your business, perhaps it's an event, a big presentation, there is no harm in over-preparing. Spend the time, know your subject matter like the back of your hand, have a contingency plan. It adds to the work load and intensity, but it will actually make you less stressed and ready to tackle what is ahead.

And then the third thing I learnt in business last week is that you have a choice when you're faced with a problem or with a really sticky situation. Don't accept the problem, try and problem solve it. There is always a way (in saying that maybe there's not always a way) but most of the time there is a way, so problem solve it. And then in conjunction with that, you don't have to problem solve it alone. They'll be really clever people around you, whether they're in your personal life or at work who can help you break through that problem and work on a way forward. So don't accept problems, solve them.
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