When Should You Transform Digitally

We are celebrating our recent announcement that LVL UP Consulting are partnering with the team at RAPID Platform for the next four weeks with the Next LVL Business Tips.

We are going to be talking all things digital transformation and today's next level business tip is all around when you should consider transforming digitally.

So we've all heard the term digital transformation probably more times than we can count. But here I'm going to share with you four key reasons for when you should consider transforming digitally.  

Number #1

The first reason is you're using Excel as a database. Have you ever had this situation where you've got multiple people in your team trying to access one macro enabled spreadsheet? It's a version control nightmare.

Or Someone changes the formula. Or a team member locks it for editing. It's not a good situation. In 2021, we've got so many cloud-based tools, even on premise tools that you can use that are much better than Excel spreadsheet. Let's leave Excel for doing formulas for single use.

Number #2

The second reason you might consider digitally transforming is if you're still using paper or manual processes to do work that could be far more productive going digitally. We spend a lot of time in companies and see a lot of people still using paper processes as a tool. There's lots of tools and resources available to you, that you could use to assist in going digital . Even start with using a tablet.

Number #3

The third time when you may consider going digital is when you are swivel chairing between multiple systems. You may already be using cloud-based tools or digital tools. But if you're using many tools, there could be an opportunity to consolidate and transform by having it all in one stop shop.

Number #4

The fourth reason for when you might consider digitally transforming is when you're using legacy or, outdated software for your business. In some of the organizations that we have worked in we've seen software that has been used to do their HR, to do their payroll for nearly 20 years. They then put custom modification ontop of custom modification and suddenly you have this very old system which doesn't integrate into anything else.

To recap when should you consider digital transformation?

  1. Excel
  2. You're using paper
  3. You're using multiple systems and it's wasting time
  4. You're using legacy or outdated systems that really need to come into 2021.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can digitally transform in your business you can reach here at LVL Up Consulting.

Be sure to check back in next week for the next instalment of the Next LVL Business Tip.

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