Knowing where your business is today

Regularly checking in on the overall 'health' of your business is a highly effective tool in setting your strategic priorities and focusing your team on aligned outcomes. Having an intimate understanding of where your business is at today can set you up for exponential success tomorrow.

Over the course of a day, one of our Transformation Consultants will review your business with fresh eyes and identify the risk and opportunity areas for your business which may be blind spots to you today.

The areas of your business that we'll assess as part of a Business Health Check include:

  1. Strategy & Planning
  2. Cash Flow & Financial
  3. People & Culture
  4. Systems & Processes
  5. Customer Experience
  6. Sales & Marketing

At LVL Up Consulting our team sits with businesses, like yours, and conducts a full analysis on each of these Business Health Categories over the course of a day. You will then receive a report of our findings which you can use to implement improvements throughout your organization or leverage to create a rock star Strategic Business Plan.

Get a valuable, in-depth understanding of your business opportunity areas with a LVL Up Consulting Business Health Check for just $2,364 (incl. GST).

Alternatively, we have both FREE and low-cost tools available for you to DIY your own Business Health Check. Check them out on the Workshops page.

Ready to Get Started?

Uncover the golden opportunities for your business with a LVL Up Consulting 1-Day Business Health Check today.

Only 5 Health Check appointments available each month and they fill up fast. The sooner you get started the sooner you can start transforming your business!